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The CAD Systems Manager is responsible for leading a statewide Transportation team’s CAD technology execution to increase production quality and quantity. To accomplish this feat, this individual will develop customized support, implementation, and training programs for various teams. This individual must be a strong proponent of the emerging technology and actively promote it.


  • Supports project teams’ utilization of Bentley engineering software from 3D modeling into design and production
  • Develops software templates and resource files based upon client standards for efficient 3D design and modeling of roadways, drainage, and utility design elements
  • Provides regular tech support to project teams through on-line training, direct support, and by maintaining searchable documentation of support solutions
  • Provides leadership in project set up and configuration to support efficient workflows
  • Test, refine, and create documentation of CAD-based workflows using latest software and hardware technology
  • Support and communicate established workflows to internal staff through 1-on-1 training and team-wide seminars
  • Create and update CAD training materials, including manuals and videos
  • Troubleshoot design file, workspace, and file management issues
  • Monitor emerging industry trends and technological capabilities to develop strategies and incorporate capabilities where appropriate
  • Review potential program enhancement plugins and extensions


  • 8 years of experience in civil engineering design production using Bentley software
  • Expertise with current Bentley software including MicroStation, OpenRoads (Connect Edition), ProjectWise, PowerGeopak
  • Knowledge of support products including ESRI and Microsoft Office suite

Preferred Qualifications

  • Expertise with AutoTurn, ConceptStation, LumenRT, OpenBridge, SignCAD, StormCAD, SUDA

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    • Job type: Full-time
    • Location: San Antonio
    • Date posted: